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JPML-CM/ECF Attorney Registration

The JPML has upgraded to NextGen CM/ECF as of May 3, 2021.
Please visit the JPML NextGen page for information on how to e-file.



Complete this form to register for access to the JPML CM/ECF system.
Please allow two (2) business days for processing.


Important:   If involved in multiple MDLs, submit this form only ONCE. If you have any question as to your registration status, please contact the JPML CM/ECF help desk BEFORE submitting this form.  The phone number is 202-502-2822 or email:

Also, the use of anti-spam technology may interfere with the registration process.
Please add JPML-USCOURTS.GOV to your list of acceptable domain addresses.
Failure to do so may delay your access to JPML-CM/ECF.